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The Central Coast area is fortunate to have some of the most diverse activities and attractions in California. San Luis Obispo was also recently named the #2 happiest place to live in the world (and the only place in the United States to make the top 4!) in Dave Buettner’s book Thrive where he traveled the world looking for the world looking for areas where people were proud to live. Click HERE to see Dave’s ABC News segment where he showcases San Luis Obispo.

With dozen of places for camping anywhere from the beach to the mountains, the area offers some of the most beautiful sights in the world. View Campgrounds

Everywhere you turn on the central coast there is an opportunity for a day of fun hiking. While most trails are blazed by locals, these trails are the most popular in the area. View List

View Golf Courses

With miles of renowned scenic coastline having fun in the California sun is within minutes no matter where you are in the county. View List

With a wide array of locally grown produce, it is no surprise that a majority of the Central Coast communities hold weekly farmer’s markets. In addition to produce, many of the larger farmer’s markets also offer handmade goods, good food, and live entertainment. View List

The central coast is fortunate to have some of California’s most famous natural and man-made attractions. View List

Cycling is one of the most popular ways to get around the area. With dozens of bike trails for a variety of skill levels, California has designated scenic Highway 1 as an official state bicycle route. The central coast is also fortunate to have major bike such as the Tour of California to the Amgen tour pass through the area.

The climate and the earth make the central coast an ideal spot for vineyards. Wineries dot the countryside up and down the central coast, but none are more concentrated than in Paso Robles who host the Harvest Wine Weekend in October that showcases over 140 local wineries.

Shopping on the central coast is a unique experience. While downtown San Luis features some higher end shops, locally owned businesses is what makes this area special. Looking for a little more variety? The central coast is halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco making a diverse assortment of shopping within a few hours? Drive.