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Where the Pines Meet the Sea

The picturesque community of Cambria is the gateway to the world renowned California coast redwoods. With it’s historic architecture, unique shops, galleries, and one of a kind beaches, Cambria is a world apart from any coastal destination.

The small community of 6,323 inhabit 8.6 square miles of beautiful wildlife that includes camping, hiking, and wineries. On your way there from the south you will pass by one of the smallest towns in California: Harmony which has a population of 18 that has never changed over the years and has 1 street that features an abandoned house, a large dumpster, a former art gallery, some portable toilets, a post office, and a pottery shop.

Cambria is home to Moonstone Beach that features small, white rocks that have traveled down the local streams and tumbled smooth by the tides of the Pacific Ocean. The local beaches are also home to the Elephant Seal breeding grounds. Throughout the year the Northern Elephant Seals populate this small strand of beach to molt and mate with the majority of the pup births from mid-December to mid-February.

Cambria is part of the Coast Unified School District which features 1 K-5 school, 1 6-8 middle school, and 1 traditional 9-12 high school.